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Scented candle manufacture

Scented Jar Candles Gift Set

Fragrance Embrace Your Life

Scented Candles Made From Natural Soy Wax Candles

There all Natural soybean wax candle,and added essential oil in this Aromatherapy Candle, let you enjoy a good time quietly and relaxed.

Scented Candles Fragrance Embrace Your Life

Each one scented candle is 3.5oz( 100g),the burning time about 25-30 hours. Let you have enough time to enjoy the fragrance, whether it’s a quiet leisure reading, watching a movie, drinking coffee, doing yoga, or busy working in front of the computer, this scented oil candle can accompany you to spend a wonderful day.

Nice Holiday Scented Gift Set

It’s a nice gift for your family, friends, teachers, girls, women, men. Or it can be used in a variety of parties, such as birthday parties, wedding parties, business parties, family parties, Christmas Eve, etc.



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